Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Matter of Honor - B.K. Gore

A Matter of Honor is the first novel in the Jeb Taylor series. This book is free for the kindle. This is a western about homesteaders versus a cattle baron, with a little romance in the mix.

Myra Lane was a miner's wife. When Myra's husband Tommy was killed in a mine collapse, she and her son Benny moved to Auburn to run a boarding house.

Jeb Taylor was a confederate soldier. After the war Jeb was running from him memories and drifting nowhere. Then he decided to start a homestead outside of Auburn and stop running.

Bull Donovan owned the biggest spread around, and he was doing whatever it took to make it bigger. He'd run out every other homesteader in the area, and now it was Jeb's turn. But Jeb wasn't running any more.

This is a classic western, pitting the big land baron against the small settler. During the conflict Myra and Jeb find each other and fall in love. The story is good. The writing, not so much. The author uses too much western/country slang. If I never have to read the words "root hog or die" again it will be too soon. And I'm sure some real cowboys are angst ridden, but Jeb is overflowing. This would have made a nice novella, but between the slang and the angst it's a full length novel. I'll admit I finally started skimming over the angst. All that said, I enjoyed the story and there was a good ending. Recommended.

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