Tuesday, January 7, 2014

T'on Ma - Magnolia Belle

T'on Ma is free for the kindle. This is a story of settlers, indians, soldiers, and a romance that defied them all.

Lana Cooper was 17 when she was startled by a Kiowa warrior while bathing in the river close to her parent's homestead. Two Hawks was struck by the white woman's blue eyes, but before he could decide to kill or capture her, Lana's father called out. Two Hawks turned and rode away. That's how the romance between the young white woman and the Kiowa warrior began. The writing is stilted and the story so improbable I almost laughed at parts, but it was compelling. I kept waiting Lana or Two Hawks to make a right choice, but it never happened. If you like impossible love stories from the old west you might like this book. I finished it anyway. Barely recommended.

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