Friday, January 24, 2014

Chase The Wind - Cindy Holby

Chase The Wind is the first book in the Wind Series. This is a western that covers multiple generations in the Duncan family.

Ian Duncan was a horse trainer who fell in love with Faith Taylor while working for Randolph Mason. Faith and Ian didn't realize it, but Faith's father had other plans. This story is about Faith and Ian and their family's travels and travails in the west. I was amazed by the level of tragedy the author felt compelled to include. I read one review where someone said this was a fun read. This book was a struggle to read. After the first couple of times the book smacked me down with evil and degradation, I was wary of turning the pages. The story had many good points, but I'm not interested in reading books this twisted. On a technical note, the number if misspelled, or incorrect words was also distracting. Not recommended.

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