Monday, January 13, 2014

Fireblossom - Cynthia Wright

Fireblossom is $3.99 for the kindle. It was free when I downloaded it. This is a historic western novel set in the town of Deadwood in the Dakota Territory.

Major Daniel "Fox" Matthews is reactivated by President Grant, after the civil war. Major Matthew's mission is to monitor and advise Colonel George Custer in his quest to pacify the Sioux and other tribes in the Dakota Territory. When that mission is over, Fox eventually settles in Deadwood.

Miss Madeleine Avery is a young lady from Philadelphia. Madeleine, her brother Benjamin, and her grandmother Susan, have traveled to the town of Deadwood to live with her father.

Deadwood is quite a change from the high society of Philadelphia, and Maddie has a hard time adjusting. Fox is a thorn in Maddie's side at first, but soon he's much more than that. This is a rousing tale of people who've moved west and changed their lives forever. It's also a story of the struggle between the Indians and the White Man, told from a historical perspective that's sympathetic to the Indian's plight. There's plenty of romance, and some scenes for adults only. This book has a bittersweet, but excellent ending. Highly recommended.

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