Saturday, May 3, 2014

Surface Tension - Christine Kling

Surface Tension is the first mystery in the Seychelle Sullivan series. This novel is $3.99 for the kindle, but it's half of a double feature book called Florida is Murder. That book is free for the kindle.

Seychelle Sullivan is a tug boat captain. Saychelle inherited her tug, the Gorda, from her Dad. She and her two brothers own it, but Saychelle runs the Sullivan Towing and Salvage company herself. A call comes through on the marine radio. The ship her ex-boyfriend captains is drifting toward the beach, so Saychelle responds. Saychelle finds a murdered woman, but no ex-boyfriend. Now the police have pegged Saychelle as the main suspect. She has to solve this in order to stay out of jail, and it turns out, alive. This is a great story. The bad guys are exceedingly bad, there's a lot of suspense and action, and there's a touch of romance. Very highly recommended.

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