Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Eye of Divinity - Robert E. Keller

The Eye of Divinity is the first novel in the Knights Series. This book is free for the kindle.

Lannon Sunshield is just a young boy. He lives in the country outside the town of Knights Welcome. Lannon seldom sees anyone but his Mom and Dad. Lannon's Dad is sick and failing from an illness that seems to spring from the Deep Shadow itself. Lannon's parents have always wanted him to be a knight, but he's never chosen on admittance day. Then the three greatest Divine Knights from Dremlock show up at Lannon's home, and discover Lannon has the Eye of Divinity. Lannon is taken back to Dremlock to be a squire, and one day maybe a knight. But Lannon has to survive the trip and the training as a squire. The goblins are massing and war is at hand. Lannon may not survive to use his gift or become a Divine Knight. This is a great book. It's a tad violent for some kids, but compared to video games it's probably tame. Magic, evil creatures, and epic battles are what this story is about. Highly recommended.

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