Sunday, November 30, 2014

Marked - Elisabeth Naughton

Marked is the first novel in the Eternal Guardians series. This book is free for the kindle.

Casey Simopolous runs a book store by day and she's a waitress in a strip club by night. Casey is trying her best to make ends meet, but her grandmother's hospital bills make the two jobs a necessity. Unfortunately the hospital couldn't save Casey's grandmother. When a huge bruiser of a man bumps into Casey in the club, she has to take a moment to recover. Why did he affect her so? Later while Casey's driving out of the club parking lot she sees the same man being attacked, but by what she can't tell. Casey rescues the man and later learns his name is Theron. Theron is more than a man. It turns out Casey is more than a woman. Together they're in for some adventure that will change Casey's world forever. Plenty of suspense, daemon fighting, and lust. A little too heavy on the lust if you ask me. Still highly recommended.

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