Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Price Honour - Mark E. Cooper

What Price Honour is the second novel in the Merkiaari Wars series. You should read Hard Duty first. This is a great series.

When Hard Duty ended the Merkiaari were hammering the Shan in the Harmony system. The ASN Canada seemed to get away in time to bring some help, but will it be enough. Even if help comes, the Vipers are going to need some new recruits.

When we left him in Hard Duty, Eric was running for his life. A squad of marines is coming to his rescue, but when a Viper needs rescuing there must be big trouble. Gunny Gina Fuentez is leading the marine squad, and while they rescue Eric, her marines take some serious losses.

Kate Richmond is an ISS agent, but basically she's an assassin. She's on the planet Tigris to kill a rebel leader before his rebellion gets too big. Kate is very good at her job. Maybe too good.

This book is so hard to put down. The battle scenes never let up. This is an excellent sequel to Hard Duty. Very highly recommended.

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