Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dark Currents - Lindsay Buroker

Dark Currents is the second novel in the Emperor's Edge series. This book is not free, but definitely worth paying for. You should read The Emperor's Edge first though.

Amaranthe Lokdon and her band of improbable heroes are known as the Emperor's Edge. It's hard to be a hero when there's a price on your head, and all the enforcers and bounty hunters in the kingdom are looking for Amaranthe and her men. Amaranthe's goal is to prove to the emperor that the Edge is on his side. To this end, they decide to solve the mystery of who or what is poisoning the imperial city's water supply. Amaranthe leads her group out of the city to find the source of the water. Turgonians don't believe in magic, but once again magic, or the mental sciences, are being used against Turgonia. That means magic will be used against Amaranthe and her team, and magic is hard to defeat. This is another rollicking adventure with danger, death, and a hint of romance. Very highly recommended.

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