Friday, August 5, 2011

Burn Out - Hohenstein, Traci

Burn Out is Hohenstein's debut novel. The protagonist is Rachel Scott. Rachel started an organization called Florida Omni Search when her four year old daughter went missing. In this book Rachel's organization is helping search for a missing firefighter who left two daughters and a husband behind.

Firefighter Samantha Collins disappears during a warehouse fire and the only trace is her helmet. Her husband is a police captain, but he's in jail for drugs. Her two daughters are left with their grandmother. The grandmother calls in Florida Omni Search to help find her daughter Sam. The search takes a number if interesting turns and why Sam is missing is in doubt to the end. A good first effort. The novel is a little stilted. It reads like a true crime story more than a novel at times. It was still a good read. Recommended.

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