Friday, August 19, 2011

Stealing Faces - Prescott, Michael

Stealing Faces is about a serial killer hiding in plain sight. It's about a woman who's on the run, and who has to confront her biggest fear to break free. It's about a cop who learns to put the past behind him go with his gut.

Kaylie, or Elizabeth or one of the other names she's hidden behind for the past 12 years, has figured it out. When the body with no face was discovered in the Arizona desert, she realized who the killer was and decided she was done hiding. If the police can't catch him, she's going to take things into her own hands.

Dr. John Cray has discovered he has a woman stalker. This amuses him since he's spent the last 12 years hunting and killing women. He's going to turn the tables and become the stalker.

Detective Shepherd is convinced he's dealing with another crazy person, like the man who killed his wife. But it doesn't quite feel right. He keeps pushing, but will he push hard and fast enough.

This is a great story that keeps you turning the pages late into the night. The characters are interesting and believable. Very highly recommended.

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