Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Kinshield Legacy - May, K.C.

The Kinshield Legacy is the first book in the Kinshield Saga. Here's more proof that you can find a great book for the kindle for 99 cents. In the world May describes, magic plays an important role. The main character, warrant knight Gavin Kinshield, is reluctant to admit that his magical powers are growing, and accept the role he's expected to fill. Fate doesn't seem to be giving him a choice.

Gavin likes his simple life and wants to avoid too much responsibility. He's had tragedy in his past but he's a good honest man who enjoys his role as a keeper of the law and defender of the people. After 200 years, what the country needs is a king, but Gavin is sure he's not king material. He just can't seem to resist solving the runes and collecting the jewels that were designed to select the next king. This book kept me turning pages when I should have been sleeping. Highly recommended.

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