Friday, August 12, 2011

Follow the Stone - Locke, John

Follow the Stone is a western with an interesting premise. Ex-gunslinger Emmett Love is paid to help women travel from parts east to Dodge, where they can make a good living as ladies of the evening. He also escorts mail-order brides to their new homes. Emmett is extremely practical and completely cowboy. The way he looks at it, if you need to shoot a woman a little to shut her up you do it.

Emmett and his partners, Shrug and Rose, are planning to move a herd of women west for fun and profit. They stumble on a mail-order bride who was forced to head out on foot, and pick up the other women at various brothels. The characters are all interesting and the trip has plenty of surprises. Locke has shown he can work in multiple genres, and at 99 cents a book I plan to read lots of his stories. Very highly recommended.

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