Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Question of Will - Alex Albrinck

A Question of Will is the first novel in the Aliomenti series. This book is free for the kindle.

Will Stark is a complicated situation. Is he a business man philanthropist who's family is murdered, or is he a master of the Energy that sets the Aliomenti apart from the rest of humanity? It's not clear even Will knows, but those hunting Will don't seem to care. This story starts out interesting, becomes far fetched, and eventually evolves into the absurd. I read the whole book because I had to see where it was going, but the journey was not always pleasant. Eventually I found myself skimming whole pages of justification for the convoluted plot. Here's a hint. If you have to actually pen excuses for why your story is so twisted, maybe you are due for a rewrite. Too bad my first book of the new year was a stinker. I avoided any spoilers in case you're feeling masochistic, but this novel is not recommended.

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