Sunday, January 4, 2015

Knifepoint - Edward W. Robertson

Knifepoint is the third novel in the Breakers series. This book is $2.99 for the kindle. This is a great series. You should read the books in order: Breakers, Meltdown, and then Knifepoint.

Raina was the only person in her family to survive the plague. She was just 10 years old. Raina went feral for two years, until a couple found and adopted her. They wanted nothing but to live in peace, but the world is no longer a peaceful place. Now Raina will stop at nothing to avenge her father and rescue her mother.

Walt has been taking it easy in the jungles of Mexico for the last few years. Bringing down an alien mother-ship takes a lot out of a person. Now Walt's fame has pulled him back into the fight, but it's not clear which side he's been recruited for. It's not just humans versus aliens any longer.

Another great tale of human perseverance and perversity. Post-apocalypse doesn't provide a lot of easy choices. Action, suspense, and more great characters. Very highly recommended.

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