Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Rug To Die For - Fritz Damler

A Rug To Die For is a novel about Muslim prayer kilims, theft of antiquities, and murder. This book was free for the kindle when I downloaded it, but it's now $2.99.

Paul and Brin Trask are just minding their own business, in their house in Turkey, when an old friend drops by. Their friend simply shows them two antique kilims, but it starts a series of events that will be the death of many people, and threaten Paul and Brin's lives as well. This is like a travel novel with antique rugs and danger thrown in. It was a good story, but I lose interest fast in people who live in the third world, but still mostly have first world problems. Besides, unless you're really interested in collectible prayer rugs, most of this will be dry as dust. Still recommended for the suspense and action.

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