Friday, January 16, 2015

Dark Realms - Kristen Middleton

Dark Realms is a series of novels or novellas by the author Kristen Middleton. This 600+ page collection is free for the kindle.

These six stories all have three things in common. They're about the supernatural, they have a big dose of teen angst, and there are no sex scenes. There is some pretty strong language though.

Wicked is about being kidnapped by vampires. Blur is about moving to a town with vampires. Enchanted Secrets is about finding out you're a witch, and so is your mother and your twin sister. Zombie Games is...well you don't need any more to figure that one out. The Coin Collector is about leprechauns. Venom is back to vampires and shape shifters.

Be warned that most of these stories are the first part of a series, and there are some wicked cliff hangers. Still, this is a good introduction to an author who does a pretty good job of keeping the reader interested. Recommended.

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