Saturday, January 3, 2015

Melt Down - Edward W. Robertson

Melt Down is the second novel in the Breakers series. This book is $2.99 for the kindle. Money well spent.

Ness Hook is an introverted nerd who still lives at home with his Mom. Ness has an older brother Shawn who's the almost the opposite. When Shawn's mortgage drives him back into Mom's trailer Ness is crushed. But when the plague hits it's Shawn's SHTF plans that saves the brothers. When the aliens arrive all bets are off.

After five years, Tristan Carter is about to graduate from Berkley with a double major in music and communications. Jobs offers are not pouring in, and her parents are not letting Tristan move back in after graduation. When the plague hits, Tristan and her thirteen year old brother Alden don't have to worry about jobs or living at home. When the aliens arrive Tristan and Alden become lab rats.

This second novel in the Breakers series parallels the first. Tristan even crosses paths with Walt at one point. And of course the Hooks and the Carters converge in the end. This is another great story of humans fighting back from the brink of destruction. More bad humans, worse aliens, and a bittersweet ending. Very highly recommended. On to the third book.

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