Monday, October 6, 2014

Cry Sanctuary - Moira Rogers

Cry Sanctuary is the first novel in the Red Rock Pass series. This book is free for the kindle.

Keith Winston is a dominant werewolf, and the right-hand man to his Alpha. When Keith is tasked with escorting some refugees into the Red Rock Pass sanctuary he's not aware that it will change his life.

Abigail Adler was a technical writer. Then a werewolf decided he wanted her, and a simple bite changed her life. Abby and a friend are trying to make it to the Red Rock Pass sanctuary where she can be something other than a sex slave for a werewolf pack.

Keith and Abby meet when he saves her life. That's just the beginning of their relationship. Abby will need more help from Keith. The question is can he provide what she needs?

This would be a great werewolf adventure story except for one thing. The author seems to think the book would be better as soft porn than as an adventure. Be prepared to skim a bunch of pages to get back to the real story. That said I still recommend this book.

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