Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Fire Mage - John Forrester

Fire Mage is the first novel in the Blacklight Chronicles series. This book is free for the kindle.

Talis Storm is the youngest son of the House of Storm. His sparring partner is Mara Lei of the House of Lei. As a team, Talis and Mara are seeking to win this year's Blood Dagger competition. The young royals of the City of Naru are only thirteen, but still a formidable pair. When Jiserian sorcerers attack Naru, Talis and Mara are given a map by Master Baribariso. That map contains the last hope for Naru and its people. Talis and Mara are crucial to that hope. This is not a stand-alone story. Talis and Mara's quest isn't complete when the book ends. It's still an interesting tale, with battles, magic, and a budding romance. Highly recommended.

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