Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tucker's Way - David Johnson

Tucker's Way is the first novel in the Tucker series. It stands by itself as one of the best stories I've read this year. This book is free for the kindle.

Tucker has had a hard life. She's a true misanthrope. Tucker lives an isolated existence, except for the three grandchildren she's raising. Tucker was happy when her neighbor died three years ago, leaving the only house she can see from her property empty. When Tucker sees Ella moving boxes into the house, she regrets she didn't sneak over and burn the place down when she had the chance. But Tucker and Ella have something in common, a person to hate. Their budding friendship has fits and starts, but in the long run the bond is solid. This story will make you mad as hell, cry tears of sadness and joy, and should have you laughing out loud. My face was sore from smiling by the time I was done. Very highly recommended.

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