Friday, October 17, 2014

Deep Crossing - E.R. Mason

Deep Crossing is the sequel to the novel Fatal Boarding. This book is also free for the kindle, and I find that amazing. These are two of the best science fiction tales I've ever read.

Adrian Tarn is fishing in the surf, minding his own business, when a shuttle lands in the parking lot, and someone has a job offer for him. Adrian's last mission went so wrong he's not going to be interested in space for a long time. During that mission Adrian came as close to making friends with a Nasebian as any human ever had. Now the Nasebian's want Adrian's help. He can't refuse. Adrian and a small band of hand-picked pilots and engineers are about to go where no humans have gone before, on a ship with engines, and a few other surprises, that were designed by an alien race. It's going to be a grand adventure.

These books are as good as any science fiction out there, and they're free. Do not let this opportunity escape. The third book in the series is available for 99 cents. It's already in my reading queue. Very highly recommended.

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