Tuesday, August 19, 2014

After the Storm - M. Stratton

After the Storm is the first novel in the Storm Series. This book is free for the kindle. As incongruous as it sounds, this is a romantic murder mystery.

Lexi Hanson is a photographer. She's not exactly running and not exactly hiding, but she's enjoying the privacy at her beach house near Ipswich, Massachusetts. Lexi only has one neighbor, and she's never met him, although she's friends with the couple who are his live-in caretakers. Lexi doesn't think it's possible she'll ever fall in love. The darkness in her past seems to eclipse that kind of happiness. Then Lexi meets her neighbor, and maybe the impossible is more likely. But Lexi's past is coming back to stalk her, and threaten any happiness she finds. Can she defeat evil again, or will it win this time? This is a great mystery story, with some humor, romance, and terrible danger. Highly recommended.

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