Thursday, August 14, 2014

Death's Hand - SM Reine

Death's Hand is the first novel in the Descent Series. This book is free for the kindle. Prepare for some long nights.

Elise Kavanagh has a special talent. She kills demons. She can also perform an exorcism if the need arises. However, Elise is retired. She's now an accountant. When Elise's ex-partner, James Faulkner, asks her to check on a five year old girl, Elise does it as a favor. Jim, who's a witch, has a member of his coven who's daughter might be possessed. Elise should be able to tell, but this is no ordinary possession. Elise and James have tangled with this particular demon in the past and almost lost. Now one of them is going to die. The question is which one and for how long. This is a great book. It's very intense. The action never seems to stop and the bodies just keep piling up. Highly recommended.

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