Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Doctor Wears A Stetson - Anne Marie Novark

The Doctor Wears A Stetson is the first novel in the Diamondback Ranch series. This book is free for the kindle. This story is a modern western romance, so expect some heat.

Jessie Kincaid is a grease monkey. Jessie had been helping her father in his garage since she was old enough to hold a wrench. When Cameron McCade, the most popular senior in high school, pulled Jessie out from under a car to ask her to the prom, Jessie was just 15 years old. That prom was their one and only date, until Cameron came back to the little town of Salt Fork seventeen years later. Jessie owns the garage now and Cameron is a big city doctor. A lot has changed, but that spark is still there. This is a great story. No murders or ghosts or international intrigue. This is just a plain old romance. Highly recommended.

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