Saturday, August 9, 2014

Rushed - Brian Harmon

Rushed is free for the kindle. This is the first novel in the Rushed series. Even though the other two books in the series aren't free, I've already ordered them. This book is that good.

Eric Fortrell had a dream. His dream was very compelling. It got Eric out of bed, dressed, and standing next to his car, ready to drive off into the night. Then Eric realized he had no idea where to drive off to. All he could remember of his dream was it has something to do with a bird. The second night Eric's wife Karen was able to break the spell, but the dream persisted. The third night, with Karen's reluctant blessing, Eric started the most bizarre, terrifying, and rewarding trip of his life. The question is will Eric live through it? This is a mix of science fiction, fantasy, humor, and horror that's almost as compelling as Eric's dream. Strange characters and creatures fill this tale with wonder and dread. Best of all, it has a great ending. Very highly recommended.

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