Monday, August 11, 2014

Uncaged - John Sandford, Michele Cook

Uncaged is the first novel in the Singular Menace series. If you like Sandford's other novels you'll want to read this.

Shay and Odin Remby are a sister and brother pair caught in the foster system in Eugene Oregon. Seventeen-year-old Odin gets tangled up with some animal rights activists. While raiding a lab they stumble on something far bigger then animal experiments. Then Odin disappears. Sixteen-year-old Shay's last message from Odin says he's working with a group in Hollywood, so she grabs her stuff and heads south. Shay has to survive on the streets while trying to find her only living family. Meanwhile the big corporation, trying to recover their experiments, is doing the same. This is a thrill ride of a book. It has great characters, danger, suspense, and some seriously evil bad guys. The story comes to a satisfying conclusion, but there will be a second book and I can't wait for it. Very highly recommended.

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