Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Gehenna - Jason Brant

Gehenna is the first novel in the West of Hell series. This book is free for the kindle. This story is less than 200 pages long, but it packs a lot of action into those pages. This is another zombie western. Is no genre sacred?

Gehenna is a small western town of about 2,000 souls. It's just a railroad way station for passengers continuing west. Gehenna is about to become much more. Mad Dog McCall used to be a law man. Now McCall is locked up in the Gehenna jail. Karen is a whore who works at the Ellis Saloon in Gahenna. Karen's not just a whore though. She may be the smartest person in town, and that's part of her problem.

The trouble starts when a couple of strangers show up in town, with tomahawks and arrows sticking out of their bodies. These two strangers proceed to start gnawing on a lady right in front of the saloon. The strangers are captured, and taken to jail, but everyone they bite along the way is going to change, and not for the better. Soon McCall and Karen are going to have to join forces just to survive escaping from Gehenna. The questions is, will they really survive? This story has plenty of action, danger, and zombies galore. It does end with a wicked cliff hanger, but as zombie westerns go, I highly recommend it.

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