Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tin God - Stacy Green

Tin God is the first novel in the Delta Crossroads Trilogy. This book is still free for the kindle. Get it while you can.

Jaymee Ballard has a hard life, and she's only 25 years old. Jaymee cleans houses, works at a diner, and lives in a rundown trailer on the bad side of town. Jaymee has a hard life because she has a secret. What Jaymee doesn't know is that her secret has already gotten one of her friends killed, there are more murders to come, and Jaymee will probably be included in the body count. A quiet southern town has lots of secrets, and Jaymee's isn't the worst. This is a great story. The characters are interesting, the suspense is palpable, and the ending is what an ending should be. Even though this book is part of a trilogy, it stands solidly on its own. Very highly recommended.

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